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One of the best things about online shopping is the ease with which retailers can offer coupon codes tailored to appeal to various customer demographics. Unfortunately, shoppers who rely on using coupons to stretch their budget don’t always have sufficient time or patience to scour the Internet for the latest deals. While sometimes consumers are lucky enough to get valuable coupons via email or through social media with the companies they are already loyal to, they can easily miss out on all the other enticing offers scattered across the Internet.

With that in mind, MarketKarma, a new tech startup, has launched CouponMate, a free browser extension that’s designed to help consumers quickly take advantage of the best deals while shopping online. CouponMate currently works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers. MarketKarma expects it will have a version ready for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser by the end of this year. Approximately 5,000 people are currently using CouponMate.

CouponMate toils in the background as consumers browse and shop online. After adding items to an online store’s checkout cart as usual, end users simply click the “Find the Best Coupon” button in their browser’s toolbar. At this point, CouponMate quickly searches the web to locate the most recent and best coupon codes to apply to the items users want to buy.

Having a comprehensive search for discounts done for them in the background will make life easier for busy consumers.


How it Works

Once installed, the CouponMate extension icon appears in the web browser’s toolbar. As a person shops online, the CouponMate icon displays the number of offers that are available for that site.

You can click the red coupon icon in the top right of your browser bar at any time while you surf to open the sidebar and view the latest coupons and sales. As you browse, a red numeric indicator will be displayed on top of the red coupon icon to let you know how many offers are available for the site you’re visiting.


Clicking the CouponMate icon causes a list of available deals to appear in the browser’s sidebar. Users click on a coupon code to copy it to their computer’s clipboard, which they can then easily paste into the discount or coupon box on the online store’s checkout page. At many websites, CouponMate will copy the coupon code into the appropriate text box automatically.

For customers who browse and shop for items while on the go using their smartphones, CouponMate is now developing an app for Android and iOS devices, with a release date still to be determined.

Conscious Capitalism and Charities

MarketKarma is a company devoted to pursuing “conscious capitalism” to do good things and help improve the world while making a profit. To that end, the company designed CouponMate to include a charitable component: Consumers will be able to select any 501(c)(3) charity and designate it to receive 51% of the proceeds when they use CouponMate to make cheaper purchases. The IRS allows taxpayers to claim 501(c)(3) donations on their tax returns.

So, not only will customers get a better deal and find it easier to become frugal shoppers, they will be able to participate in a new form of micro-philanthropy that can make a big difference in other people’s lives.

MarketKarma anticipates that the charitable aspect of the CouponMate browser extension will begin once a critical mass of end users is reached. The exact number of needed users and the time frame for rolling out this feature are difficult to calculate, given the unpredictable nature of people’s online buying habits and their interest in the extension.

However, the company estimates it will be able to activate the charity option once it has reached 25,000 to 50,000 users. At the current growth rate, MarketKarma expects to hit 50,000 users within a year.


About CouponMate

CouponMate is the latest offering from MarketKarma, a tech startup that is devoted to pursuing “conscious capitalism” to help improve the world while making a profit. The CouponMate browser extension currently works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers, with a version for Internet Explorer slated for later in 2015. To date, more than 5,000 people have signed up to use the extension. CouponMate runs in the background while a consumer shops online. At checkout, CouponMate will present the best deals for customers to apply to their purchase. When the number of CouponMate users reaches a critical point (estimated between 25,000 to 50,000 users), the company will roll out a new charitable feature to the browser extension. Then, CouponMate will allow end users to designate which charity should receive 51% of the proceeds when they use the extension while shopping.

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