Guaranteed SEO: Fact Or Fiction?

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Search engine optimization is a complex and rapidly evolving field in which countless website owners from around the world are competing for all of the top search engine spots. One of the most popular developments in this industry is the use of guaranteed results with an SEO firm, also referred to as performance-based SEO. While this option does sound tempting, this is one component of advertising and marketing in which no company should opt for without understanding the benefits and risks. This is why all web masters, business owners, and advertisers should understand the basics of guaranteed SEO as well the pros and cons of this service.

As search engines continue to improve the methods that they connect internet users with pertinent websites, SEO firms attempt to make each website that they optimize as appealing as possible to the search engine algorithms. While each search engine is slightly different, they use complex programs and crawlers to determine which websites are the most useful. These features could range from the amount of links aiming back at the website to the time of each visitor on the site. This list of variables goes on and on, but guaranteed SEO services essentially guarantee an increase in traffic to the site or the client does not pay.

The true effectiveness of this form of SEO comes down to the firm that is carrying out the services. What all website and business owners should first consider is that search engine optimization is an ongoing service and both onsite and offsite variables must be continually updated in order to achieve the highest rankings. The results of the search engine optimization will also be determined on the budget of the company that requires the SEO.

For many of the most successful SEO firms, specialists will offer their clients options for both paid ranks and organic SEO. Pay-per-click adds will produce immediate results, but the more competitive the keyword the more expensive the ads will become. For localized searches, such as the industry along with the name of a town, pay-per-click ads may be a viable and affordable option for immediate results. While the SEO company continues to optimize the website and create a strong reputation, paid results can slowly be replaced by organic search results.

Obviously, the number one benefit of guaranteed SEO is the fact that the company will save money if the firm is not able to produce acceptable results. In most instances this will include an increase in traffic or sales that are driven directly through the website. In these scenarios, SEO firms will typically require anywhere from 3 to 12 month contracts in order to produce acceptable results.

The primary concern that most companies may have about guaranteed SEO is the use of unscrupulous tactics to quickly improve results. Many SEO companies that offer immediate results will not be able to achieve higher ranks for any number of keywords without breaking Google’s terms of service. This includes tactics ranging from farming links to the use of nonsensical blogs and blog posts to create backlinks and improve keyword saturation. If Google does believe that a company or their SEO firm is breaking these rules, they will generally ban the website for any number of weeks, months, or even permanently.

While seeing huge increases from internet traffic is tempting, all companies should first take a close look at renowned SEO firms to see which offer the best results and will remain within one’s budget. Business owners will also need to take a look at any other online services and tools that they may need such as web design, graphic design, social media management, and web hosting. Many of the most popular SEO firms do provide options to create and optimize a website from start to finish, removing the need to go through multiple designers and hosts.

Guaranteed results do remain a common option within the SEO industry and it is one service that continues to gain popularity. Before opting for these services, however, all business owners should also take a look at the reputation of the firm, the competition for their desired keywords, and other options such as the use of pay-per-click ads and onsite optimization. The should also minimize their risks by speaking with SEO specialists from the firm to ensure that they are carrying out legitimate, and long-lasting practices that do not violate any search engines’ terms.

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