How to Write Awesome Content (Even When You Think You Can’t)

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Sometimes you wake up, and it’s all gone. Your ideas have dried up, your inspiration has gone on vacation and writing is much less fun and more one big looooong grind. But worse, you’ve got to churn out some writing for your blog. Another task cluttering up your day and you can’t think of a single thing to write about.

The good news is that this happens to everyone – yes, even world-famous writers like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling have ‘off days’.  So what is their secret? Are they superhuman typing machines blessed with magical writing superpowers?

Well, not quite.

What they do have is one thing that all professionals have – a writing strategy toolbox, ready to fix up even the most tired writer and get their fingers tapping. Here are 4 tools you can add to your toolbox now to give your writing pep even on your most lackluster day.

GET INSPIRED                      

Get away from the desk, with its crumpled notes of defeat, white screen glaring disapprovingly and a graveyard of abandoned, failed ideas.

Just get out there!

Leave the room. Go outside. Go for a walk, or even a run, and let the fresh air and kickstart your brain. Go see a movie and relax.  Cook yourself some nice food, or check out the new restaurant that everyone’s talking about.  In short, do something that’s new and different for you. The experience won’t just relax you, it will also rejuvenate you and spark some ideas in the process.


You don’t need to start on a voyage into the unknown with never-before seen content when it comes to writing your article. Instead, you can take a familiar subject and bring your own spin to it. Reviews of products are a great way to follow this – have you used a service lately that you loved – or even hated? Easy. You don’t need to coax out your creative juices – just explain what you thought of it. Boom – one fresh article, ready to publish.

In a similar way, you can talk about yourself – your career, your successes, failures, and offer them out there are a case study to readers. If you really can’t find the energy to pick up the pen, why not link to a ‘best hits’ of your content, which might have missed by newer readers? Simply add a theme or deconstruct something you wrote a few years back.


Maybe you want to write, but you just can’t think of anything original to write about.  This is pretty simple to solve. With this tool, you can literally jump-start your creative juices that will get you moving in the right direction. Ready?

Take two unrelated things and mash them together – then write about them to create a unique post. It’s easy!

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These three strategies are a great addition to your writing toolbox, allowing you to create powerful content when you feel that you just don’t have anything. Remember – it’s 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration that counts. Don’t make inspiration be your only muse when it comes to writing content!

When you are inspired, use this one bonus strategy to ensure that you’re never caught short next time your writing mojo goes on vacation. Ready? WRITE. Write everything.  As many articles as you can. And when you’re done, put them all in your ‘rainy day’ folder.

Congratulations – now you’ve got a folder full of emergency articles when you’re fresh out of ideas and feel you can’t write. There is no great secret to writing awesome content all of the time. It’s just about having the right tools and being prepared.

Do you have any tried-and-tested methods when it comes to pulling content ideas and articles out of thin air when you’re just not feeling creative? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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