Learn How To Coupon With CouponMate

Coupons have provided a good way for companies to promote products and for consumers to save money since the beginning of the 20th century. C.W. Post, the cereal maker, first popularized the idea around 1909, and it may have appealed to some current consumer’s great grandparents. However, finding and organizing traditional paper coupons to efficiently save a great sum of money has always been so time consuming that it was only habitually practiced by the truly frugal.

The spread of Internet coupons helped some, but even these don’t appeal to a growing number of online shoppers because coupons expire, and it takes time to uncover the best deals that are still valid. These days, online coupons might be published on retailer’s websites, but they are also found on social networks, forums, and other websites. Because of the effort and frustration of finding the best promotions that are still valid, even online couponing has not reached its full potential.

CouponMate has updated the entire practice of couponing with 21st Century technology that doesn’t require hunting around, organizing, or sorting through expired offers. This simple system installs into modern Internet browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, as a browser extension. As an online shopper is about the make a purchase with a retailer, the browser will quickly and automatically find the best coupons that are applicable to the purchase and still valid.

Instead of forcing consumers to waste time searching for the best deals, the software does the work for them. This is made possible because CouponMate’s web crawlers automatically search hundreds of thousands of retailers, social networks, and other websites to find these promotions. Right now, the company has deals from over 76,000 online stores and is updated every day.

Just as exciting, the entire idea of this software was developed with conscious capitalism in mind. The new idea of conscious capitalism is similar to the old idea of enlightened self interest. While the company hopes to generate a profit, they also intend to help both their members and various worthy organizations in a most unique and automated way that will be integrated into the overall system. Even better, this company is very transparent to the public about how their system works.

Consumers save money by using online deals that retailers offer to help promote their products. CouponMate earns money by collecting a small commission on each successful transaction, and that is how the company pays their staff and keeps their servers running. However, the team says that they really wanted to use their own talents in order to help make the world a better place.

As soon as the company attracts enough members to pay for operational expenses, the goal is to donate the majority of revenue to non-profit organizations. In fact, CouponMate will give each user the ability to select qualified non-profit organizations to make their donations to. This means that people who install the browser can feel great about saving money on Internet purchases and automatically donating money to their favorite charities.

CouponMate estimates needing 50,000 members before they can implement the donation system. The good news is that this fairly new idea has already attracted over 5,000 members in the first few months of operation. After startup and operational costs have been covered, the team expects to donate at least 51 percent of all commissions to charity. This exciting new technology will automatically help online consumers enjoy the best prices and donate to worthy causes.

CouponMate is a U.S. company that is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Readers can learn more about the company and download the browser extensions at the official website, CouponMate.com.

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